Dragon Tiger Ultimate Strategies (2021)

Dragon Tiger Ultimate Strategies (2021)

Dragon Tiger Ultimate Strategies (2020)

Dragon Tiger is a game start from Cambodia, by then promptly spread and adapted at Asian tables. Especially in Vietnam, beginners consistently choose to play Dragon Tiger since it is clear and wins. Nevertheless, few out of every odd individual can misuse this game. You can also find out more information about exciting casino games in Online Live Casino Malaysia.


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Understanding Dragon Tiger Game Rules

The basic hint to prevail at any betting table is understanding the rules. Despite how sharp, how extraordinary the methodology is, it is futile if you don’t grasp the principles. From that, you will at present be a disappointment.

At Dragon Tiger table, the Dealer will self-assertively draw one card for each side Dragon and Tiger. Which one has a more prominent card will win. Quality/weakness of the comparing card:

A< 2< 3< 4< 5< 6< 7< 8< 9< 10< J< Q< K

On the off chance that they equivalent, at that point think about the suit: hearts> diamonds> clubs> spades

In the event that their suit additionally equivalent, at that point think about the shading: red> black

You will put your stake on the wagering result:

Bet on the Dragon side win – 1 to 1

Bet on the Tiger side win – 1 to 1

Bet on Tie – 1 to 8

You will win if making the correct bet.


Important Dragon Tiger Strategies

Only Bet on Dragon or Tiger

This is a most secure technique to bet for fledglings. Players who bet on those sides will have a 80% occasion to win. Likewise, you furthermore need to apply to put a reasonable stake framework that we will familiarize wail with raise winning probability up to 80%.


Rotate Bets on Dragons and Tigers

Players who follow this Dragon Tiger methodology will see the victorious history of the various sides (Dragon and Tiger) to find the standard when Tiger or Dragon wins to bet on:

For example:

History: D T D T D T => so you can see after every two games results are Dragon-Tiger, the accompanying round Tiger reliably win. By then you essentially need to keep it together for the Dragon-Tiger result and bet on Tiger on the third game.


Only Bet on Tie

This is the most un-secure bet. Preceding deciding to follow this bet, you have to see from 20 to 30 games and record the results.

If its probability is more prominent than 30% (there are 3 Tie games in every 10 games), you can focus in to wager on Tie in the accompanying 10 games.

If it is more unobtrusive than 30%, by then you should not bet on it.

Since the Tie payout is 1 to 8. If the results are not on this bet at any rate 1 after 8 games (12.5%), by then you will lose. So before setting your stake, you have to see its arrangement of encounters to understand the victorious probability preceding wagering.


How Much Stake to Placing

Compelling Dragon Tiger strategies have been estimations to raise the victorious probability up to 90%:

Twofold your stake in the accompanying game after every setback game.

Fibonacci bet: the accompanying game stake will be the measure of 2 last games.

1-3-2-4 or 1-3-2-6 bet contrasting betting unit after every mishap game.

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