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Best Mobile Slot Game Malaysia – Your Ultimate Guide

Best Mobile Slot Game Malaysia – Your Ultimate Guide

Best Mobile Slot Game Malaysia – Your Ultimate Guide (2020)

Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

With the accessibility of high-speed Internet, casino players can now play their favourite slots game and other casino games from the comfort of their own. With the rise of a mobile-first era, players can access to online casino games whenever they want. Here in Trusted Online Casino, we have been receiving queries regarding strategies on how to win in mobile slot games. Therefore, we have approached several questions about their strategies and tricks on mobile slot game Malaysia.

Here’s our ultimate guide on how to play slots game like a PRO.

Types of Mobile Slots

In general, there are three types of slot games available on mobile slot game Malaysia.

Classic slots – Classic slots are slot machines in any online slot game that use mechanical reels designed to mimic the appearance of any slot. The slot machines usually display fruit symbols and other symbols like bells, lucky 7s, and poker royals.

Video slots – Video slots are slot machines that usually have five reels, numerous pay linesand other awesome bonus features such as free spins and multipliers.

Progressive slots – Quite often, progressive slot will be played by the people who win big on slots  and it is no overreaction when we say that one lucky spin can turn you into a millionaire

Winning Strategies

The methods are exactly the same as online slots when it comes to winning smartphone slots. It’s best to start by playing free games for novice players to familiarise yourself with all the features of the slot.  You may try out our suggested rules to win big on mobile slot game Malaysia

Rule Number 1: Slots with Higher Denominations Have Larger Payback Probabilities

When comes to three-reel games slot, dollar slot tends to yield a higher payback ratio than quarter slots and also more than nickel slots and penny games. But that doesn’t mean that you should rush out to play dollar. In other words, you can find a slot that pays out more frequently than others to increase the chances of winning. You can utilize the Return to Player rate, which is a ratio of the allocated money bet that a slot returns to players. But take note that this doesn’t guarantee that the same money will be returned to you.

 Rule Number 2: Pick Games that Match your Goals and Playing Personalities

Three-reel games put more focus on their top prizes, but with more losing spins, hence they have a relatively low chance to hit. In other words, give you the best potential to win big, but at the same time, they have the potential to make you lose unexpectedly fast. For instance, video slots that offer free spins normally lie between the three-reel games and the pick’em games in terms of volatility and the possibility of major win as their main bonus occurrences.

Rule Number 3: Always Play Inside your Budget and Minimise your Bet or Stop Playing When You Reach a Limit

Most slot machine sessions can result in loss of money, and there’s nothing you can do to make that happen. Occasionally, you’ll win at slots and even win big, but be wise that don’t bet money that you can’t afford to lose and ensure that you are playing games that suit your budget. As a simple rule of thumb, your gambling payout should be able to cover 250 bets to give you a 90% guarantee that it would last three hours.
Rule Number 4: Search for Slot Machines that Pay Big 
Some players prefer to play games that have made lot of payouts, they know they’re hot machines.  Others are avoiding those games, assuming that they’re going to go cold. In fact, all streaks are just blips to machines on the radar that offer standard percentage of payback over hundreds of thousands of plays.

So what are you waiting for? Just follow our tips and tricks above to start your mobile slot game adventure at Trusted Online Casino!

The Best XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

The Best XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

The new trend of 2019, XE88 online slot games are impelled uniquely in 2019 and is rated as the new best online slot games of the years. Moreover, this is the time for the games to bring a ton of fun for all the slot games player.

The XE88 Online Casino Malaysia is probably the perfect approaches to make the most of your extra time. If you are looking for a highly dependable web gaming club, then you should think of XE88 Casino Slots. It is because of XE88 are one of the main online gambling clubs opening games in Malaysia. AFBCash XE88 Online Casino Malaysia is the most comfortable online gaming clubs for you to play in-home or any free time.

If you are thinking of safety and security, then you can don’t bother it, because of the XE88 Casino Slots group has highly pay attention to this issue. On the other hand, the XE88 Casino Slots underscores the important of straightforwardness and reasonableness. Hence, XE88 Casino Slots are top in class innovation to guarantee that the whole game consents to administrative prerequisites. (no extortion included).

XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

XE88 Online Casino Malaysia 2019 – 2020 in AFBCash

Slot machine games are incredibly well known in Malaysia today! With it has the familiar interface, smart plan, shocking activity impacts and energizing highlights. Above all, you can now able to appreciate the extravagance excitement for a fun involvement with XE88 Casino Slots. Furthermore, XE88 Online Casino Malaysia has a lot of shocking prizes and has many significant levels of dynamic bonanza anticipating you.

We are happy to tell you that XE88 had authoritatively become one of the AFBCash Malaysia Online Casino’s online slot games supplier! After that, we trusted that the partnership between AFBCash and XE88 will provide more satisfaction and excitement yo all the AFBCash members.

There are 83 different themes of slot machine game for players to choose from AFBCash. Most of these slot machine games offer Chinese and Asian theme. However, all these themes are the most favoured themed for the Malaysian. Below will show some example of 5-star slot games in the XE88 Online Casino Malaysia:

  1. Halloween Fortune
  2. Fortune Panda
  3. Ancient Forest
  4. Golden Lotus
  5. God of wealth
  6. Zhao Cai Jin Bao
  7. Pirate Captain
  8. Captain Treasure
  9. Baccarat
  10. Green Luck


AFBCash Malaysia will provide more than 1000 energizing and appealing on the web slot games. AFBCash Malaysia is additionally cast a ballot as Malaysia’s most confided in Online Casino 2020.

Go along with us currently to appreciate the unmatched advancement and administrations that will make you feel living like a lord! We use the most secure, quick and basic money in and money out Help2Pay framework where you can have confidence that your instalment will be done in a quick of eyes.

AFBCash Casino 150% Slot Games Bonus

AFBCash Casino 150% Slot Games Bonus

AFBCash Casino 150% Slot Games Bonus

Gooday, everyone! LiveCasino-Malaysia is here to introduce you a can’t miss promotions. In this February, AFBCash will have an online slot games promotion for all the slot games players. This online slot games promotion will be eligible from 1st February 2020 until 29th February 2020 for all the AFBCash Members.

How to Claim this bonus

It is super easy to claim this online slot games bonus. All you need to do is just follow the 2 steps mention later. Firstly, deposit at a minimum of RM30 on online slot games. Then, you need to rollover 8x times of your ( Deposit amount + Bonus amount ) for the withdrawal of the money.

For example:

You had deposited RM100, then you would get a bonus RM150 (RM100X150%). So, your account balance would be RM250 (Deposit + Bonus). And you need to rollover 8x RM250 when playing online slot games for withdrawing the deposit the money.

So, please do not hesitate to join AFBCash to enjoy the 150% Slot Games Bonus!

Promotion 150% Slot Games Bonus Rules:

  1. This promotion will be active from 1st Feb 2020 00:00 (GMT+8) until 29th Feb 2020 23:59 (GMT+8).

2. This promotion is eligible for all AFBCASH’s Active Members only.

  1. To claim this promotion bonus, the members have to deposit minimum RM30 in playing slot games.
  2. The maximum bonus claimed in this promotion is RM150 and rollover requirement 8x times.
  3. This promotion can be claimed via the promotion page and live chat on AFBCASH website.
  4. Members are required to fulfil the required bet amount and 8x times of rollover requirement based on the before any withdrawal can be made. Example:
    1. Deposit = RM100
    2. Bonus = (RM100 x 150% ) = RM150
    3. Rollover requirement = (RM100+RM150) x 8 times= RM2000 (or equivalent currency)
  5. This promotion bonus only can be claimed for one(1) time for each member.
  6. This online slot games promotion is only applicable in all Slot Games except 918Kiss, XE88 and Fishing Games.
  7. This promotion can’t be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  8. All tie and void bets, draw bets and both side bets will not be taken into the calculation of the casino rebate or count towards any rollover requirement.
  9. Each person can only have ONE unique AFBCash account. Hence, if multiple AFBCASH accounts of the same person find out, AFBCASH reserves the right to terminate certain person accounts or permanently freeze account credits.
  10. This activity must follow the terms and conditions of the AFBCash platform. AFBCash owns all the final interpretation of each promotion.
  11. Any funds held in the earnings and bonus balance will be forfeited if the rollover requirement for this bonus has not been met within 30 days starts from the bonus approved to date.
  12. General Terms and Conditions of Promotions apply, please contact our LiveChat services.
How to Register and Download AFBCash APP

How to Register and Download AFBCash APP

In this article, we will discuss about how to Register and Download application for playing AFBCash games in the cell phone. Refer to the steps below and you will be able to enjoy the games with people around the world.

Step 1: Download AFBCash Application

Go to your web browser and search You may get to the page through the link given by the query item. In the site, you may consider a to be as Android App Download and press it to continue following step.

Step 2: Install the Android APP into your cell phone

After you click the Android App Download. You will see this warning jump out and request consent to download the AFBCash APK File. After accomplished for download, you have to go to the File area and press the AFBCash APK to introduce into your cell phone. In the wake of choosing the AFBCash APK File, there will request consent for introducing the AFBCash App into your cell phone. You click the consent to introduce, it will be beginning to introduce the AFBCash App into your cell phone. After the procedure of introduce was done, it will show equivalent to the image as beneath. You may choose Done to back to your home screen or you can choose Open to dispatch the AFBCash App.

Step 3: Click the APP and Register Game Account

Right off the bat, you have to press the Register button. From that point forward, top off every one of the subtleties with the right guidance. For instance, name, password, email, contact number, the money that you utilizing and the security code.After you have done the enlistment, you can begin to play the online games on your cell phone. Appreciate all the game that gave by AFBCash Malaysia.

Hope this article helps you to solve your problems! Thanks for your time to read this article.

What is Online Slot Game

What is Online Slot Game

First of all, before we looking deep into Online Slot Games. You should know what does slot means. Slots are the casino game of chances, with a set of reels, populated with various kind of symbols. In one game round the reels will spin for a few seconds, then it will stop. The wins are calculated based on the positions of the symbols on the reels.

Among all the online casino games, online slot games are one of the famous games in the world. The reason behind this is, the online slots are always easy to play and it’s also breathtaking. All you need for playing this online slots are money and 100% pure luck.

Some slots that available on the SkyCasino – Resort World Genting, you can also found it the same or even more on AFBCash.

What is Traditional Slot?

Traditional Slot Machines

The slots machine are developed in the year 1891 by Sittman and Pitt. It used 5 drums holding 50 cards faces based on poker. These slot machines are highly favoured by the people once it is out. Players only need to insert a nickel and pull the lever. Then the lever will trigger the spinning of the cards.


What is Modern Slot?

Slots games have changed by times from a big and bulky metal machine to a software that you can install on your smartphone that can bring it anywhere. How does all this slot ensure it is fairs, it used the random number generator computer which creates random sequences every millisecond to ensure that every slot is fair and not fixed. As it’s random, the previous spins don’t affect the winning sequence. Playing slots is just like flipping a coin because if you flipped tails 10 times in a row, it doesn’t mean that the head will be shown on the next flip.

To sum it up, a slot is a game that you pull a lever on the machines or push a button on the screen to trigger the spinning of the reel and hopping the symbol is formed in a straight line.

To know more information about the online casino, please visit Malaysia best online casino review.