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The Best XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

The Best XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

The new trend of 2019, XE88 online slot games are impelled uniquely in 2019 and is rated as the new best online slot games of the years. Moreover, this is the time for the games to bring a ton of fun for all the slot games player.

The XE88 Online Casino Malaysia is probably the perfect approaches to make the most of your extra time. If you are looking for a highly dependable web gaming club, then you should think of XE88 Casino Slots. It is because of XE88 are one of the main online gambling clubs opening games in Malaysia. AFBCash XE88 Online Casino Malaysia is the most comfortable online gaming clubs for you to play in-home or any free time.

If you are thinking of safety and security, then you can don’t bother it, because of the XE88 Casino Slots group has highly pay attention to this issue. On the other hand, the XE88 Casino Slots underscores the important of straightforwardness and reasonableness. Hence, XE88 Casino Slots are top in class innovation to guarantee that the whole game consents to administrative prerequisites. (no extortion included).

XE88 Online Casino Malaysia

XE88 Online Casino Malaysia 2019 – 2020 in AFBCash

Slot machine games are incredibly well known in Malaysia today! With it has the familiar interface, smart plan, shocking activity impacts and energizing highlights. Above all, you can now able to appreciate the extravagance excitement for a fun involvement with XE88 Casino Slots. Furthermore, XE88 Online Casino Malaysia has a lot of shocking prizes and has many significant levels of dynamic bonanza anticipating you.

We are happy to tell you that XE88 had authoritatively become one of the AFBCash Malaysia Online Casino’s online slot games supplier! After that, we trusted that the partnership between AFBCash and XE88 will provide more satisfaction and excitement yo all the AFBCash members.

There are 83 different themes of slot machine game for players to choose from AFBCash. Most of these slot machine games offer Chinese and Asian theme. However, all these themes are the most favoured themed for the Malaysian. Below will show some example of 5-star slot games in the XE88 Online Casino Malaysia:

  1. Halloween Fortune
  2. Fortune Panda
  3. Ancient Forest
  4. Golden Lotus
  5. God of wealth
  6. Zhao Cai Jin Bao
  7. Pirate Captain
  8. Captain Treasure
  9. Baccarat
  10. Green Luck


AFBCash Malaysia will provide more than 1000 energizing and appealing on the web slot games. AFBCash Malaysia is additionally cast a ballot as Malaysia’s most confided in Online Casino 2020.

Go along with us currently to appreciate the unmatched advancement and administrations that will make you feel living like a lord! We use the most secure, quick and basic money in and money out Help2Pay framework where you can have confidence that your instalment will be done in a quick of eyes.

The Best Online Sports Betting Malaysia

The Best Online Sports Betting Malaysia

 The 2020 Best Online Sports Betting Malaysia Website

Everyone likes to play sports betting as it does not require pure luck and it will give you a huge chance to win if you are willing to put some times and efforts into it. But for now, LiveCasino-Malaysia is here to help you to save plenty of time and provide you with the most accurate tips to win in the sports betting.

Let’s go into deep, at first we all know that sports betting is a fun way to gamble and this gamble also love by the people all around the world including Malaysian gamblers. Therefore, the following content will introduce you the most trusted online sports betting 2020.


AFBCash is the most trusted online sports betting Malaysia in 2020, this information is true because we have gathered 3000 gamblers to do a survey and we found out that more than 85% of the gambler rest assured on AFBCash Mobile Live Casino. Beside that, we also ask 20 random people to help us to test the game in AFBCash and AFBCash get a 9.5 /10 rating from these 20 people.

Moreover, below will introduce the benefit of AFBCash :

(i) Customer Support Quality

  • 24/7 live support
  • very polite
  • able to converse in English, Chinese and Malay
  • typically respond within 10 minutes

(ii) Transaction Types

  • manual transactions
  • Help2pay
  • transactions typically processed within 30 minutes

(iii) Bonuses

  • 100% welcome bonus up to RM 500
  • 30% weekend bonus up to RM888
  • Attendance bonus
  • Invite a friend and get a free credit
  • Seasonal Bonus
  • Daily rebate 0.8%
  • Wechat Add Friend Bonus

(iv) Available Sports Books

  • 4 available sportsbooks (AFB Sports, AFB2 Sports, SBO Sports, IBC Sports)
Online Sports Betting Malaysia Platform
One of the brands of Sportsbook in AFBCash

(v) Sports games Coverage

  • Inplay/Live game betting
  • Major and Minor Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Financial bets, eSports and many more)
  • Major and minor leagues
  • Live Streaming

More Great Deal !!!

Where To Watch The EURO 2020 Live Streaming

Live streaming of UEFA Euro 2020 will be available on AFBCash Sports. AFBCash Sports Online Betting Malaysia is honoured to provide you with the Best Sports Betting Malaysia with the best tips and strategies to make your game a great success.


To sum it up, AFBCash always has a lot of great deals for their members and they also keep working hard for their member to feel comfortable while playing in AFBCash. AFBCash also has the lowest rollover compare to others. Moreover, they also have more sportsbooks for you to choose and giving you the best chance for each game. Besides, their customer support can speak in different languages. More recently, they have added Help2pay to increase transaction speed, which is one of their past weaknesses. Overall, a very solid choice for top online sports betting Malaysia 2020.

How To Win At Sportsbook betting in Malaysia

How To Win At Sportsbook betting in Malaysia

How to win at sportsbook betting in Malaysia?

Sportsbook betting is the art of predicting the outcome of sportsbook events. Like other gambling games, sportsbook betting might seem like a test of luck but in reality, you need to know the ins and outs to Win! In short, here are sportsbook betting guide to help you on your way to fortune and glory.


1.Set a Gambling Budget and a Right Mindset!

This is a lesson in common sense that is often ignored when it comes to wagering: never bet more than you can lose. I enjoy betting/gambling as a pass-time activity and I never overextend myself. I recommended that you set a budget of your money for betting and treat it as a hobby.

Try changing from the feeling and pressure of ‘I must win every game’ to ‘I am enjoying the game’, as strange as it sounds you will become more chill and make better decisions and of course win more. I suggest gambling only when you are in a good mood and stop whenever you can’t make good/sound judgement.


2. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket!

Now that we have a positive mindset, let’s start gambling! However, please remember to NEVER all in on one single game. Try to spread your budget among a few smaller bets rather than risk it all on one. Sportsbook is unpredictable, any team can win against another in the sportsbook.

Every day, there are thousands of sportsbook games and I suggest picking out a few and keep track of them. If you bet on 10 games, realistically you only need to win 6/10 to make a profit compare to 1/2 chance when you all in. This method lowers the probability of you getting one end of each extreme and in the long run, will win more.

AFBCash Welcome Bonus For Sportsbook Betting

3. Do Your Homework Before the Game

The best way to win sportsbook betting is to research the game. Such examples are :

( i ) Football teams often underperform when they have a manager change (source).

( ii ) Some teams often have a high scoring game against each other. Examples are Tottenham vs Man City, averages 3.2 goals on their past 10 games at the time this article is written.

For the examples here, I would recommend betting against the team that just sacked their Manager. And a high Over/Underscore on Tottenham vs City.

Therefore, if you keep track of news about the game, you can make better predictions and win big money.


4. Make Arbitrage Bets

You can make money on sure bets regardless of the outcome of a game with arbitrage bets. The advantage of these bets is that it doesn’t matter what the outcome of a game is since the only bet you made was on a specific happening.


5. Place Bets on the Right Sportsbook

The different sportsbook has different profit margins, often the difference is around 3~10%. This makes betting on different sportsbook having a significant impact on your winnings.

I suggest using websites that keep tracks of many different sportsbooks, one such example is here. To maximize your profit, just bet on the sportsbook that offers the best return rates.


6.Bet Against the Public

Betting against public opinion is also another effective strategy employed by professionals.

I suggest going for this strategy only when the return is extremely high or the profit margin on the public favourite is simply too low.

The beauty of this strategy is you can bet much lower than your average bet, like 10~20% of your normal bet. And since you didn’t invest much, the results might turn out as a surprise.


7.Bet at Just the Right Time

Amateur betters often bet early, before the game starts. I think that sportsbook is ever-changing, hence I suggest betting during the games if possible.

Moreover, you get to watch the live performance of the team you are betting on. If you keep track of specific teams like suggested on Tip 2, you will know how they usually perform and your final decision will be based on more solid evidence.

If you need free live streaming service of Football/Soccer games, click here Sports Live Streaming For Free!


Hope this article on sportsbook betting helps! Best regards from AFBCASH Online Sportsbook Betting team.

Euro 2020 Tips Online Sports Betting 99.99% Accuracy

Euro 2020 Tips Online Sports Betting 99.99% Accuracy

Euro 2020

The largest soccer competition of UEFA euro 2020 begins soon. We are here to provide you with the Euro 2020 Tips Online Sports Betting 99.99% accuracy. The EU football events will begin soon and we are very sure that all the online sports bettings lovers will place a bet on their favourite country. As a result of this includes football seasonal online gambling, it’s a decent plan for those of you who still don’t have a sportsbook account to register 1st before the matches begin.

The 2020 European Cup is very different from the 2016 Euro which won by the Portugal National Football Team. Then, for the 2020 European Cup, there will not be only one country/region. UEFA has determined to implement the 2020 Euro in twelve European countries or cities.

The twelve countries or Europe hosting the 2020 Euro are shown below:

  1. London: Wembley Stadium
  2. Munich: Allianz Arena
  3. Rome: Stadio Olimpico
  4. Baku: Olympic Stadium
  5. Saint Petersburg: Krestovsky Stadium
  6. Amsterdam: Johan Cruyff Arena
  7. Bilbao: Sam Mamea
  8. Budapest: Puskas Arena
  9. Glasgow: Hampden Park
  10. Copenhagen: Parken Stadium
  11. Dublin: Aviva Stadium
  12. Brakes: Arena National


AFBCash Welcome Bonus For EURO 2020 Tips

Register an Account in Malaysia Trusted Online Sports Betting

Before you place a bet online, you should first find a reliable online betting website, in here we suggest you to place a bet on AFBCash. It has a history of more than 10 years, AFBCash also has been trusted by more than 85% of Malaysian online sports betting players.

Besides, AFBCash as an official Euro 2020 sports betting website will assist you to create an account and also provide the euro 2020 tips. All you need to do is just follow all the steps below then you will be the valued player of AFBCash:

  1. Please be a part of and register as a member within the official web site of AFBCash Sportsbook Betting at We do support the mobile user and the official website for the mobile user are
  2. After you’ve got with success register it, you may positively see the Registration on the proper side of AFBCash website.
  3. Fill in your details so that we can provide you with a better service.
  4. We hope you to provide your mobile numbers and e-mails that are still active.
  5. If you’ve got with success filled in this information, then simply click SUBMIT.
  6. If you’ve got with success registered, you’ll be able to already try and login to the website that you just registered. For online gambling betting, there are three kinds of sportsbook platform – AFB88, SBOBET and MAXBET Sportsbook.
  7. AFBCash is an official Sportsbook for euro 2020 and additionally offers a deposit Welcome bonus 100% with a minimum deposit of RM10.

Stay tuned for more sports betting great deals and Euro 2020 tips!


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The Best Sports Betting Hacks

The Best Sports Betting Hacks

Sports Betting Hacks 2020

Looking for the best Sports betting HACKS? Let’s take a look at the easiest and safest betting strategy that works.

Best long term betting strategy

This method is the only betting strategy that works 100% in the long run.

We assume that bookmakers are good at setting odds that accurately reflect the real probabilities. If betting odds for team A are 2.00 and for the team B are 3.00, then most probably team A is going to win. The opposite happens only a few times by luck, maybe 3 times out of 10 matches.

You should stick only to AFBCash Casino Mobile Malaysia because they offer higher odds for the favourite team and most of the time they offer 1.5 or higher odds, then you can put your bet on that team it will have higher chance to win more money.

Keep in mind that you should bet on a team which is favourite to win and has the decimal odds of at least 1.5. If you bet on teams with lower odds, then you won’t win enough to cover potential losses. To decrease the chance of losing it’s better to bet on matches with 2 outcomes like Boxing, MMA, etc.

Important betting tips to always remember

1. Only bet up to 5% of your bankroll

Professional bettors always bet 1 to 5% of their bankroll. In case you have 200$, you may need to bet $5 to $10 per contest to lower your risk of ruin. The best way is to start with a small bankroll and increase your bettings through time as you get more experience. Another benefit is that you won’t have much stress when you bet less than 5% of your bankroll.

2. Sports Betting hacks to win: Research on teams you want to bet on

A little homework is essential to know more about teams and their statistics. Especially in the case of soccer and basketball, there are so many factors that can affect the final result. There are a few basic statistics that you should always check before each game to minimize your risk.

  • Check the data for the last 10 games to calculate average scores and win ratios.
  • Check the head to head data between two teams. Maybe one team has better performance, but they lose most of the times against a particular rival.
  • Always check the news on each team. Maybe one of the teams is missing their best player due to suspension or an injury.

Image result for statistics - Sports Betting Hacks

3. Most popular teams don’t always win

Sometimes bookmakers hedge their bets by offering higher odds on the opposite outcome to what people expect. In this way, they can recover some of their losses. This can be a great opportunity for those who can spot it.

For example, betting odds for 76ers vs Cavaliers on Feb 26, was more favourable on 76ers winning at home. 76ers is a much more popular team but Cavaliers showed much better results during the current season. The final result of the game was a disaster for 76ers something unexpected for people but expected by the Bookmakers.

4. Best sports betting hacks in 2020

Download Hackersino. You may take full advantage of AFBCash APP Mobile. Because it lets you in some interesting and interesting games anywhere and anytime. You can sports betting hacks in Malaysia at your accommodation.

Yes, you can win if you download our hack mobile slots (Crack Slot Game) APP. If you are looking for a free online casino Malaysia Bonus 2020 and no deposit then do not read this website. Please leave immediately. You cannot make money without any deposit from any online casino. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Do you understand?

We have many gifts you will love including XE88 Hack APK Casino with Free Credit. All you have to do is place a bet and enjoy the benefits. AFBCash Casino Mobile Malaysia, we get great reviews from around the world. Winning payments at AFBCash Casino Mobile Malaysia are good and we have good bets. When you combine bonuses like high-level Welcome Bonuses, you can enjoy an exciting and rewarding playing experience.

Also, we have too many online slot games. Even our interface is quite user-friendly, thus allowing players to enjoy it perfectly. Even if you are a beginner, you need not worry as you can easily learn in minutes at our AFBCash Casino Mobile Malaysia. So come and create an account immediately.

5. Bet in groups

Simply you should gather friends who are also willing to make money from betting. Each person in a group must bet on a different outcome. Any prize is split equally between all members. Keep in mind that this technique works in case of sports or games with several outcomes. More the outcomes, higher the odds. If you bet on sports with odds lower than 3.00, you might not be able to recover lost bets.

How to download the cracked version AFBCash APP!


  1. Click here to download the APK.
  2. Register account.
  3. Deposit RM10.
  4. The INSTANT BANK transfer bank and show it to AFBCash Livechat.
  5. Contact AFBCash Livechat or Whatsapp: 010-4655791